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Bore Hole Measurement
 Bohrloch vermessen

Build a Laser cross (crossing scan lines) by mounting two laser scanners as shown in the picture below. The point of crossing must be inside the bore hole. 

Bohrloch vermessen
  • Position of bore holes
  • Diameter of bore holes
Manufacturing Control
  • Angle Measurement
  • Detecting the exact position of an object by using the bore hole as a point of reference. Data Output via interfaces is possible. 
Filling Level Control

The laser sensor is mounted above the container. Due to the laser beam reflected by the surface of the bulk material the sensor recognizes the exact filling level.

Quality Assurance
  • Check of the filling level 
  • Counting of units
Manufacturing Control
  • Control of the filling process. This means when the extender reaches the desired filling level an according message is put out through the interface.
Planarity Control

Several laser sensors are placed in a row diagonally to the movement direction of the workpiece which has to be measured.

The output of the measurement values is made directly by the individual sensors. With a software which is additionally available the measurement values can be evaluated and the according signals or data can be put out.

Quality Assurance
  • Accuracy to size 
  • Error checking 
  • Checking of the angle
Manufacturing Control
  • Singling out of defective components 
  • Regulation of the material
Component Inspection

The component which has to be measured is passing by both sensors which are facing each other in such a direction that the integrated circuit legs can be detected by the sensors.
Using an additionally available software a contour line can be recorded and compared with a stored target profile. If a component deviates a corresponding signal is put out via the interface.

Quality Assurance
  • Size accuracy
  • Completeness
Manufacturing Control
  • Singling out of defective
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